Thursday, December 23, 2010

holiday stress

Today will be the last day I post till probably Monday… maybe pictures if I can get my app on my phone to work for that. ggrrr… I am going to try and schedule a post for the realization Friday so that will go up tomorrow… but who knows if I will actually get to that… but here’s hoping right?!

The kids are getting more and more anxious for Christmas… where me and my BF are getting less and less sleep. Not so much because of so much to do, but more of so much on my mind. His is from his Mom. She passed away 7 years ago. I know he still misses her very much. So the holiday are really hard on him at time. My sleeplessness is just from me- OVER THINKING!! Lol.  Thinking about timing mainly…  The next few days are gonna be insane.

Christmas Eve:  wake up to make dinner for the family (my Dad/Step Mom side of the family)  They will show up around 130ish. We will open gifts, eat, enjoy each other’s company etc.  Gotta leave by 5 to make it to Christmas Eve service at church.  After that- its tradition- go to Red Lobster for dinner with my mom, step dad and bro, then back to their house to open ONE gift (which normally ends up being 2 or 3) then home to open OUR gifts to each other… then hopefully enjoy the gifts a bit before bed time… if we are lucky will be before midnight.

Christmas day- wake up at the butt crack of dawn and open stockings/santa gifts. My bf’s daughter is going with her by around 9ish. We will then get “ready” after that and then head back to my moms… where we will open MORE gifts and have dinner. All this needs to be accomplished by 130, because that is when my son’s father will be there to pick him up.  Then the rest of the day, is pretty much free. I am not sure if my daughters father will be picking her up or coming over or what the deal is.  

The next two days are very stressful for me… I like to know a schedule. I like to plan… and the plans never seem to work out right because of all the other people involved in the plans.  But hopefully it will all go good.
I am debating on talking with the BF and thinking maybe about having OUR Christmas tonite. So that way on Christmas eve- that’s one less thing that needs to be done and maybe we can just come home and relax together after the definitely stressful day…  I know its not Christmas and all… but I dunno…

So those are the things going thru my brain when I wake up at 3am and can’t go back to sleep till 530 and have to be up and at work at 830.

God Bless
Overthinking Mama

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  1. Take a deep breath and relax, it will ok. I promise.


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