Wednesday, February 24, 2010

my kids are crazy!!

Especially my daughter lately...

Last night we were over at my moms house and her and Peyton and my step-dad were playing hide-go-seek... She hid behind the curtains... and my stepdad called out to her... and asked whos behind the curtains... She replyed.. Peyton.. lol.

Tonite she was over my dads house and had to go potty... So my stepmom went back with her and serenity farted... lol. when she got up there was a lil poopy in the toilet... my stepmom said "oh you pooped, i need to wipe your butt" Serenity said "no... that not a poop... that a fart!" lol.

tonite i explained to my son what a crush was... as i am telling him.. its when a boy likes a girl a lot... and gets all nervous around her and gets little tingles and butterflys in his tummy when he thinks about her... He just got this huge smile on his face... like he cant wait! lol.

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