Monday, February 22, 2010

Lent... this is hard

So I gave up Chocolate and Coffee for lent!!!
Holy crap!!! This is hard!!!
Last year I gave up alcohol, sexual pleasure, red meat, and i think chocolate too... and it wasnt this hard!!!

This last weekend, I went to my boyfriends house for his daughters birthday party... and he made (from scratch) a chocolate cake... with chocolate frosting... mmm.. it looked so good... I had to keep walking past it the whole weekend... and man I wanted a piece of that cake sooo bad... but I couldn't have any... *sigh* (tho i did have a lil lick of the frosting)

Then at work... they make coffee every single morning.. and I love sitting at my desk reading my emails and whatnot... sipping on a nice hot cup of coffee... Or I used to get up early in the morning and have coffee already made and grab a cup and have alone time with the Lord... Its hard now not having that coffee... *sigh*

These two things are in my face every single day... where last year... all of it wasnt there all the time so the temptations werent as strong...

But I know with the Lord by my side, I will be able to be strong and get thru this and make it till Easter!!! becuase this is just a small sacrifce in comparison..

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