Tuesday, February 23, 2010

finishing the last blog post...

I got distracted and never got to finish the last blog post.. so here i am now doing it... and i dont even remember where i was going with the whole thing... sheesh!

So I have started chorse for the kids to do... Peyton of course has more to do than Serenity... but they both have their list.. and Peyton will get an allowance of $10 every 2 weeks.. he'll get paid when i get paid! lol. but he has to put $4 a pay into a savings account... He didnt like that idea all that much... but oh well..

On his list of things are:
wash dishes/counter tops
sweep the kitchen floor
clean out hamster cages
clean his room
put laundry away correctly

crap.. i cant think of the rest... ggrrr..lol.

Serenity's list:
pick up all the dishes/cups etc. for every room and put in the sink before peyton washes dishes
clean the coffee table
clean room
put laundry away correctly

So far they both seem to enjoy doing their chores.. but its only day one... so I guess we will see what happens in the upcoming weeks! lol.

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