Friday, February 19, 2010

Its been tooooooooo long!!!

Ill aplogize now... i was lazy.. and i didnt write.....

So recap of the last 2 months... *sheesh* where to start...

Well... we have sorta gotten on a schedule... at least most of the time... for bed time routine anyway... Quiet time at 8. Sit on couch watch part of a movie and have a snack... 830 bed time for baby girl and 845 for lil man... and those extra 15 min lil man gets is for reading. Most of the time that all works out... most of the time... :-)

I took Pey a few weeks ago to the doc because he had been complaining about his stomach hurting... hurt so bad he couldnt go to school... While he stayed with my mom he convinced her it hurt so bad that she let him stay home from school one day... :-( so as soon as I got back from New Orleans... I got him into the doc... Yea.. the doc couldnt find anything wrong. While we were there, I asked him to check Peys sugar... OMG ! you woulda thought we were trying to do surgery on my son with out pain killers or something... He started screaming bloody murder! Finally the doc pretty much had to threaten him and say that if he didnt let the nurse poke his finger to get the blood for the test... the doc was going to come and hold him down himself... That workd! We got it! lol. and it was normal. So that ruled that out. So now... I am thinking about getting him tested for ADHD or something... I dunno.. its like one minute he's really good.. then the next he's bouncing off the walls uncontrollable.

I am in the process of trying to find Serenity a preschool to go to... ONe that is good, close to home and affordable. ugh... its harder than I thought! I know I still have like 6 months.. but I figured I better get it taken care of now.

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