Monday, December 21, 2009

The Weekend

It was a pretty good weekend... tho I didnt get done with everything that I really wanted to... OH WELL.. not a big deal.
Friday night we went to dinner as usual with my mom and stepdad. it was a little odd because my brother wasnt there.... We went to Golden Corral.. which is lil mans fav place to go... (all you can eat ice cream)... The kids had fun... they both ate way too much ice cream... and pey couldnt handle all that sugar... so by the time we left he was super duper hyper... Ren was a lil hyper too.. just going off and doing her own thing... After dinner we went to Home Depot then back to my parents... then home.
Once we got home we watched a movie and I colored my hair (tho it didnt turn out right). We all snuggled on the couch together and then off to bed...
Saturday we watch a little tv and then I started bringing down all of the Christmas tree decorations along with the tree... ugh i hate having to do all that... not looking forward to putting it all back up in the attic either! But we got the tree up and Pey helped decorate it.
Later in the day we went over and hung out with my dad and a couple of his friends for a bit... I was so amazed at how good Pey was the entired time we were there... I was in awe. After we left there.. it was a really bad storm. I had promised him that I would take him to rent a movie.. but the roads were really bad.. so I just took him and Ren up to the gas station and let me each get a candy bar... we went home after that and watched a movie and both kids passed out by the time the movie started.
Sunday we didnt go to church.. i felt bad for not going.. but really didnt want to fight with the kids... and i had a headache and i was being lazy :-( we mainly just laid around most of the day.. I finished a gift for my step mom tho! so i was super happy about that... In the evening we went to my moms for dinner and then I took pey to go rent a movie... he got wizards of waverly place.. it was a really cute movie!!! then it was off to bed... pey in my bed.. ren on the couch... who eventually about 2am was in my bed too...

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