Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Yesterday was a better day... mostly!
My mom picked up both kids from school and the sitter... then I went over her house for dinner after work... Pey was wild and crazy of course as soon as I showed up... but was an angel before I got there... I had to fight with him to finish his homework. I told him that if he didnt finish tho that we weren't going to go to the mall to play or to jump. (they have a bungee jump thing there that he and his sister love to do). So finally after a bit of fighting with me.. He sat down and did his homework... I tried to help him with some of it.. but honestly I hadnt a clue on parts... ugh!!! My son is so literal is annoying... My mom made meatloaf for dinner and Pey loves it normally. Well tonite he decided he didnt want any of it and wouldnt eat it... My mom told him he loves her meat loaf.. he said yea but thats not they way you normally make it.. my stepdad told him that its the same meat loaf she always makes... my son...literal lil boy... says no thats not the same meat loaf... that would be nasty if we ate the same meat loaf as the last time! eeewww... my step dad said she made it the same way she always does... my son said she doesnt always make meat loaf... we have other things for dinner than meatloaf!!! so frustrating sometimes!!!!

Finally got everything ate.. and homework finished... so we went to the mall.. On the way there Pey read Sissy an Ameila Bedilia book... they both loved it...
Then they played at the play ground in the mall with the other kids... and had a lot of fun... then we went and did the jumpy thing...
Overall i think it was a great night!

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