Tuesday, December 8, 2009


yesterday was a really hard day for me.
it was a long day at work. but I was really looking forward to going to bible study/life group afterward. my mom was going to watch the kids so I could focus completely on the life group. Normally when we are there the kids are all over me and I am constantly paranoid that they are going to spill something or make a mess! So not having them there was going to be a treat! Well when I get over to my dads to pick up Pey, they tell me that he was acting a fool over there.. yelling and screaming and of course my dad has absolutely no patience when it comes to him so I am sure he was yelling at Pey most of the time. And when I got there Pey had not calmed down any. I asked him to do something and he would argue with me. I tell him to do something and he would still argue with me. It got to the point where I just told him to get his coat and shoes on and go out to the car... he finally did... Me and Sissy gave hugs and kisses and left. We got out to the car and I told Pey that if he didnt start acting better and listening that I was taking him to bible study with me and he wasnt going to get to stay with Grammy and bake cookies.. Sissy heard this and got all excited "bake cookies with grammy?!"
We get to my moms house and nothing changed with Pey. We sat down to dinner and Pey says hes not hungry he had two bowls of ceral at Nani and Papis. Fine whatever but I still made him sit down at the table with us. Things just got worse... He couldnt sit still... and wanted to argue about everything. I told him then that he needed to go and get his shoes and coat on because we were leaving as soon as I got finished eating. He started crying. NO NO NO. i dont want to go i will be good I promise.. I told him he said that when we were in the car... and he should have been being good. He didnt so he was going to come with me... More fighting screaming running from me. I was at my wits end! I didnt know what else to do. It was a battle of power and I wasnt going to lose. period. finally my mom stepped in and said we needed to take a break and calm down. i got mad and stormed out of the house ( i know so childish) but I felt like she was trying to take his side (as i feel she does a lot). So I went out and sat in my car for a moment. I went back in told both kids to get their coats on we were going home... I was too upset and now late to go to bible study and pey wasnt going to get to stay at Grammys. We all were going to go home now... Finally everything listened. Pey just walked out to the car. I told him as soon as we got home- he was going straight to his room. I had to run back over to my dads becuase Pey left his homework folder over there. When I got there we couldnt find it and after talking to my Stepmom- I found out that the homework he did wasnt actually his homework. I realized then, he didnt bring home his homework.... so I went back to the car and asked him... he said that he left it at school.. So I asked him why he lied to me. He said he didnt. I told him I asked when I picked him up if he did his homework... He said he did. I told him that was lying. He said well i did do my homework.. you didnt ask if i did it all. I said i shouldnt have to ask if you did it ALL. That is known. and that he was going to have to write 35 sentences when he gets home for lying along with staying in his room... He didnt say anything. We got home and he went right to his room with out a fight. Sissys dad came over for a few minutes to drop of some meat he wants me to cook us for dinner this week... After he left Sissy went and had a bowl of cereal and watched a movie... Pey finished his sentences and asked if he could have a bowl of cereal too he was really hungry...

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