Thursday, December 17, 2009

Its almost Christmas!!!

Our Christmas pictures! the bottom was is being sent out with our Christmas cards... (which wont be sent out till after Christmas since I don't acutally get paid till Christmas day again!)
This past weekend I finished up all of my Christmas shopping... I just need to get all the little stocking stuffers and possibly get a small gift for Princess's daddy.
I tried to stick to a small budget this year... which I did go over.. but not too too bad.. so I am happy about that, and most of it isnt on a credit card! So wahoo for that since I am still paying off last Christmas. Tho I am sure there will be a few people disappointed this year ( a 3 and 7 yrold in paticular) but they will have a good Christmas non the less... I need to go out and get a couple more things for my mom from my brother. My dad and stepmom gave me some money to get her a few things... so I am trying to do that during my lunch.
Tomorrow my son's class is having a small party.. which i think i am invited ( i need to email the teacher and double check) so I will be taking my lunch to go and do that. And I have a gift from Christmas last year of Serenity's that I want to take up to the Not Forgoten Box at the Chronicle since it was never opened and never played with.
This weekend coming up, I am planning on getting my Christmas tree up, making a ginger bread house with the kids, taking all their old toys up to the Salvation Army, organize and clean the house, finish up a gift for my step mom that shoulda been finished oh... about 6months ago... and then friday and saturday night... movie nights with the kids... :-)
I hope I can actually get it all done!!!

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