Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Christmas this year was absolutely wonderful!
The kids has so much fun.. and this year was just so great!! God truely blessed us this year!!!

Christmas Eve I had to work till 1230 then I went over to Grandma Barbs. My dad and bobbi were already there with the kids and my brother. The kids were pretty good before I got there and amazingly they still were good after I arrived... We had dinner and both of them ate pretty good. After that we opened the gifts and they def. were spoiled. So many wonderful toys from Nani and Papa and Grammy Barb. My brother I think had a great time to.. and was really good too. (i am so happy my dad didnt get upset over anything major!)
After that we hurried to get to church for Christmas eve service... of couse we were about 10 minutes late... and all the seats were full. luckily they put out a couple more and me and the kids sat down... it was a nice service.. but just didnt seem like a normal service... i dunno.. something didnt feel right. After that I met P's dad and P went with his dad for the night. Then me and S went off to red lobster to meet my mom and stepdad-ken and my brother for dinner... It was a very nice dinner. S wanted to sit right next to grampy so that way she could sneek sips of his hot tea from time to time. lol.
After that we went to my moms house and opened a couple gifts.. My brother got a new recliners... and of course the box became the fav thing for Serenity to play in! lol. the box was huge!! i could even go in there and sit up perfectly fine.
After that we went home and went to bed... The next day we pretty much just layed around for a bit... One of my good friends's mom (whom is also one of my good friends) stopped by and gave us a fruit basket... she is such a sweetheart... when she arrived there were gifts on my back porch from santa... i am still not sure who dropped them off for us... but it was def. well appreciated and a Gift from God. We went and picke up Pey and came back home. Travis- Sissy's dad was there waiting for us... so we opened all of the gifts... the kids loved it.. I think Sissys fav gift was the cd player with microphone i got her... Peys i think was the ds games he got. :-) After that we went over to my mom and ate a wonderful dinner.. and i didnt eat all day just waiting for her dinner...its always so good... when dinner was over we opened all of the wonderful gifts from everyone... it was an absolutely wonderful day.
We finally got home around 830 or so... and decided to just lay around and watch a movie.. all of us in our snuggies... it was really nice.! :-)
Saturday my stepsister and her fiance suprised everyone and came in from Baltimore, so we once again went over to Grandma Barbs and had dinner and opened gifts there. Pey was with his day so it was just me and sissy.. she loved all they got her... Pey opened the gifts from them on Sunday.. and loved them.. he got all bakugans! he was so excited!!!

A wonderful Christmas!!!

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