Tuesday, May 29, 2012

depressions, last week and God.

This past month (well hell who are we kidding.. like the past 2-3+ months) I have been really down and depressed. The past month as been miserable.  Not every day is bad and Not every moment is bad.  But at least 2-3x a day I have tears in my eyes, sometimes its cuz of a blog I read and sometimes just because.  
I finally made an appt with my doc today. I go in, in a week to talk to him about getting on anti-depressants.  I can't handle this anymore.  I really don't want to be put on meds, but I need something. I need some kinda help with this.

This has been a very stressful and emotional week for me.

My sister in NC was in an car accident. I was told they didnt think she would make it. But Praise God, she is doing amazing!!!  She's talking, and eating, and just doing amazing!!
God is good.

All the drive down to NC, I prayed. Prayed for so much.
For my sister.
For my family.
For my Ex (its technically his sister)
For God to open my eyes, to be with me while I was down there, and to help me.

and wow... GOD IS AMAZING!!!

I seriously saw him working miracles.. felt him with me thru so much... sometimes I didn't even realize he was there till I stopped and took a look back at it, and realized... that was HIM.

Thank you everyone for your prayers!!!

God is good!!!!

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama

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