Monday, May 7, 2012

crazy busy

This seriously has been a crazy busy weekend... and honestly, Its not going to slow down for at least another week. I have no clue how I am going to do everything. :-) But I know it will be amazing... or at least it better be!!! 

The craziness started Thursday. I got off work, ran across town to pick up baby girl. Then to my moms to quickly eat dinner, get the boys ready (lil mans friend was over after school along with his friends sister), then over to my dads, cuz the friend left his glove over there.. then rush to get them to baseball by 600.. we were 20 minutes late.  They played an awesome game. Sadly tho, they lost.  

Friday was just as crazy. As soon as I got off work, ran across town to pick up baby girl from school, then to my moms to pick up lil man, home to get lil man changed then drove him to his dads house which is about an hour round trip.  As soon as we got back from that, baby girl and I went to dinner with my family and then grocery shopping for me and my dad.  Dropped everything off at my dad and hung out for a bit then came home and watched a movie and was in bed by 10. lol. 

Saturday we were up bright and early. Gymnastics was at 1015. But it was so fun!! She had such a great time. After that we ran to Walmart for a few things we couldnt get at the grocery store and then ran out to baby girls dads work. A few of his coworkers ordered things from me for Scentsy.  After that we ran to Target to do some bday shopping for lil man and then finally back home where I got the back yard mowed, did a couple loads of laundry and then we were off again to my friends house.  We went with her and her kids to the baseball game for her son and lil man. After the game we went back to her house and she cooked us dinner and we watched a movie. 

Sunday baby girl and I went to church with my friend and his family. It was a really nice church and baby girl cant wait to go back.  After that we hung out with my friend and his sister for a bit then went to Lowes and JoAnn Fabrics for a few things and then home where I attempted to nap.  (it was unsuccessful) When lil man got home we then went to my moms for dinner and hung out there for a bit.  Then to my dads and finally home. 

This week: 
Monday- Baseball
Tuesday- Lil Man's 10th birthday
Wed- Urban League for help with my dad's house.. Gymnastics
Thursday- Doc appt for my dad's foot.  Baseball
Fri- Court for Dads foreclosure.  supposed to go to a bday party with a friend
Sat-  Baseball Clinic for lil man, then Lil Man's sleep over with like 4 boys!!! 
Sunday- sleep. all. day.   (i am hoping anyway lol)


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