Saturday, March 17, 2012


I woke up this morning to my son yelling at me and having an attitude with me.  He wanted me up right then and there. All I wanted to do is just have 5 more minutes. It’s the one day that I am on my time. I don’t have to get us anywhere at any certain time. This is a first Saturday like that in a long time. My son got suspended from baseball practice for an “inappropriate conversation” the teacher over heard a few of his friends having and because my son was over there at some point with those friends she assumed he was also a part of that conversation. He denied being apart of that convo and I believe him.  The things that were talked about weren’t common things talked about around this house nor anything I have ever discussed with him. He told me he didn’t even know what some of the things were that were talked about.  I am still going to have him write a letter of apology to his teacher and also his baseball coach for letter of apology for letting them down. Even tho it was wrong place at wrong time thing… I want him to realize that sometimes in life there are consequences for things that you do not do, but because of the people we associate with, we are judged and assumed guilty just because of that.  I want him to realize that there are also consequences to every action that he does, even if its something that he doesn’t even mean to do, or doesn’t even realize that he does.

After I finally got up this morning, I was making breakfast for me and the kids and I started thinking about my life, my past, and my future… and it was like so many things just clicked in my head and in my heart. I felt myself changing this morning. More determined not to keep making some of the same mistakes that I have made repeatedly over the years… and how God has brought people into my life to show me this.. and even tho I may have been hurt, I was also shown so much. And I am so thankful for it all.

My life is to be for God, my kids, my family, friends and then everything else.  Not Myself first which is what my life for so long.  I lived for me… and I want to change that.

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama

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  1. God will use the simplest things to get our attention won't He? :) giggles, The hardest thing I deal with when it comes to changing things about me regarding my past is behaviors...the ones that have become so preconditioned that I don't realize I do them til the Holy Spirit points it out (usually after I did them) to bring to my attention He has put new ones in me to use at those moments...I feel at times like I am a robot who has been reprogrammed and yet the motherboard "brain" doesn't drives me buggies to know I'm 31 and still growing up. lol and here I thought I was all grown up... if that makes sense... I never really have lived for me, I always have lived for others and lately God has been trying to get me to live for me (so to speak) and its hard because I am a single mom, self employed and well, really my only friend too. So while I have an awesome grandma who helps me with my daughter from time to time, I can't just go off and take a break like needed...I can't go for a weekend to discover I have to utilize the time given daily to do so and pray God make up the difference in time so I can get on with living a balanced life, God first, then me, then my daughter...what good am I to my kid if I abuse me (by abuse I mean neglect time for me)....not very good...My to encourage you to learn the balance of living life for you and others....don't become so "lost in doing for others" you neglect you....I pray God show you and teach you the balance in living life...and that as He does you find joy, peace and blessings in all that you do and in who you are as Gods Princess!


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