Tuesday, September 13, 2011

dating and being frustrated

I give up. I don’t get it.  Men today seriously confuse me so much. From trying to date my BFF to just generally trying to date and get to know guys… I don’t get it!!!

The last few weeks I have been putting myself out there to meet guys and “date” and whatnot… I want to move on in this area of my life… and all I have ended up is frustrated.   

Guys today don’t seem to pursue a woman.  

In the last 3 weeks… I have “met” about 7 men.  Some of them was just “meeting” online some of them were mutual friends of friends… some were guys I have known for years but nothing ever came of it…  And all but 2 have pursued me. All but 2 have asked me out on a date.   

I have come to the conclusion.. If I don’t text, email, invite them first… nothing ever comes of it… and I am done with it. If I am not important enough to get a text first or an invite first.. then they are not worth it. 

I do understand that I have kids… so it does make things a little bit more difficult… BUT…  that shouldn’t never be a reason not to ask me to dinner… movies… coffee.. something.  I can try and get a sitter for when you ask.. If I can’t…then we can try and reschedule for a time when I can.  But I shouldn’t have to always be the one saying “hey you wanna come and hang out and watch a movie” or whatever…  Its not always only up to me…

Oh and also guys… a girl likes it when you make the plans- esp. for a first date…  We want to see that you can be a man and make good decisions and actually just make a decision period.. cuz the last thing I am looking for is a man that I have to tell what to do all the time!!  If you don’t want to make all the decisions.. give a choice.. “would you rather this or that”… not just an I don’t care – its up to you… That just frustrates us!!

But anyway.. Im done.  Whatever it be it be. 

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama

Oh and I also aint setteling.. sorry if it sounds harsh.. but I will be “dating” a few different men.. I am not going to go on a couple dates with one man.. and boom we are serious and 2 months later I am sitting there stuck on stupid wondering why the hell am I with this guy?? It can’t work long term. J


  1. You go girl!! Ha, ha... :) I will say that some guys are just shy. But as an old-fashioned girl myself, I have always waited on the guy to ask me out first. That may be why I didn't go on a lot of dates growing up though! ;)

  2. I found out that when I was just happy doing what was best for me and my children Love came to find me. I had 2 girls and I had been through the mill let's just say and I met someone. We instantly had a connection and then we developed our friendship and we are now married. I'm old fashion as April is but I guess we as women give out certain vibes. I know that men like confident, secure women. I have done quite a bit of research on men and I know they love women to be feminine, comfortable, and they prefer a woman who isn't needy, I hope this helps, God has someone out there just for you and you deserve to find the Love of Your Life.


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