Thursday, September 22, 2011

idea of love

I seriously don’t know why I am in as good of a mood as I am in!!!  But I love it!!

This has def. been a crazy week for me.. good but crazy.

I think I am giving up tho… giving up on the whole idea of love… of happily ever after with price charming. I am tired of trying. I am tired of getting my emotions mixed in to something and just it all come crashing down. I am really starting to think that I am just supposed to be single.  

I feel like the couple months… I haven’t been where I want to be in my relationship with Christ. I feel not really so much distant.. but not really close.  I dunno how exactly to explain it.  I just don’t have that desire in my heart.. I still pray all the time.. I still go to church (tho I did miss last weekend)..  I dunno. Its like somethings changed.   
My mindset just aint where it used to be.

I will keep praying… J I have faith that things will get right and maybe one day I will find my prince.

Blessings N  Love
Overthinking Mama


  1. I think you're now content. Content with where you are and who you are. I believe if you and God have communication whether it be just talking to him or prayer,he is always where you need him to be. And that is called faith.

    I remember when I was in your place,frustrated with dating and thought I was going to be single until God took me. But 4 months later I met MyLove.We're not married...yet but who knows "MISCHIEVOUS GRIN"

    You have so much going for you Sarah and deserves that special someone. He will come when you least expect it. I know. I am a broken record.:)

  2. Keep God in your heart always, even when your down and lonely. He never leaves us, but waits for us to know hes there.

    I still cant get to the Traveling Journal blog..have you stopped it? I hope not!

  3. Maybe you already did. . .(the kingdom of heaven is. . . . .)
    : )


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