Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another day...

Feeling a little bit better today Got up a lil earlier today and did some yoga. Tho I couldnt get the Christoga DVD to work right so I just did some positions from memory and talked with God.  It was good. Still stressed tho with the morning routine and Baby Girl crying for no reason and when I ask her whats wrong, she just looks at me. I hate not being answered.. *pet peeve*
I just need to let go of my stesses, my anxiety, and the over whelmed feeling I have been having the last couple days deep breaths and happy thoughts that way I dont end up punching someone.
Tomorrow we are meeting with the doc to see what the long term care plans are for my step-mom. Not really sure what to expect, but I am going if nothing else to be there for my dad, since I really havent been able to be there for him like I would like.

Here day 2 of the 30 days of Me/Truths:
Something I love about myself:
I could say that this is an easy one because its not hard cept that there is a lot about myself that I love. I would have to say right now in my life I am for the most part, pretty happy with myself.. physically, mentally, spiritually, etc
I love how I can pretty much get along with anyone from someone who completely stabbed me in the back, to someone who betrayed me just to get with the man I was with, to my exs new girlfriend/wife whatever. I dont hold grudges and I get overthings depending on what it is,depend on how long it takes me but I would rather get along than hold onto that evil feeling disliking someone makes me feel.
People think I am crazy for some of the people I will associate with from time to time but eh. Its me! J
I love that I can normally see different sides of every situation or problem. Now, sometimes I have too much of my heart in the situation that its hard for me think rationally but normally I can try and understand why someone does what they do even if its not right.. I can rationalize why they might do it. Which is not always a good thing, especially when you are getting screwed over and you rationalize on why they did it and make it seem not as bad as it really is.
That I am kinda a go with the flow type of person.. most of the time.. I will admit that I get anal about somethings.. I need to know times. Plans. Etc but most of the time If something comes up, I just kinda go with it. I guess a lot of that has come to be because I have had plans cancelled on or changed so many times you get used to the disappointment. Lol.
That I am pretty open minded about most things (I rationalize lol)
That my relationship with God gets better and better all the time and even when things dont go my way, I know that there is a higher reason behind things that I may not always see. God is good and He loves me more than anyone else does. With out God. I would be nothing.
That I am always trying to think of a ways to better myself and make some more money. A lot of my friends think I am crazy for this because seriously in the last 3 years I have sold things for :
Linen World- household items
Mia Bella- Candles
Charmed Moments- jewelry
Glamorosity- purses
Tastefully Simple- food
Mark.- make up.
Ebay store- electronics, random things.
And I am always thinking up different business ventures that I could get into coffee, clothing, stun guns, photography, scanning documents, etc..  sadly tho, I dont have the best follow thru when it comes to my own business One day heres hoping.. all depends on what Gods plan is for me.
That I am still positive about my future. I have this really really really strong feeling that God has a great purpose for me and my life I havent figure out exactly what it is and maybe its just to be a wife and mother or maybe its to be more but I know, I have a God given purpose.

OK.. I will stop with that, since it seems I have wrote a book..

God Bless yall
Overthinking Mama

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