Tuesday, October 26, 2010

things that make me go ggrr.

A few things from this past week just really have made me go grrr…
-My ex called me up to let me know when he was picking up our son for the weekend… and he proceeded to tell me that  Lil Man was telling him that I go to school every night and that he doesn’t get to see me all that often.  So my ex says- so he doesn’t have either of his parents. He’s being raised by his grandparents. He doesn’t get to see either of his parents on a regular basis. 
Ok.. maybe I took it the wrong way… but it really irked me…  first of all dude.. who are you to sit there and judge me because I am going back to school???   Because I am bettering MY life. Because I am trying to be a role model for MY children??  I don’t see you switching to day shift so you can get our son during the evenings when I am in school… or even to be able to get him on Fridays instead of Saturday mornings?? I still do see our son every single day. I get him up every single morning and I put him to bed every single night. No, its not as much time as I would like to get to spend with my son… but I am still doing it.  I am sorry that my life ain’t exactly what you think it should be but it is what it is.  Deal with it. and leave some of the smart ass comments to yourself. They are really getting annoying. I hate that we are at this point of our relationship… but I will turn into miss bitch if I need to because I am tired of it. I don’t know if you are unhappy or what the deal is… but I don’t call you up and tell you everything that our son’s says about when he’s with you. Sometimes things are better off unsaid.. If its not hurting him then why make  it into something bigger than it needs to be… wait. You like doing that.
-To the contractors that fixed my floors… really?? Wth!! I finally rec. the revised bill yesterday… and really?? First of all it took you 4 months to figure out exactly what it is that I should owe you?? And then aint it amazing that it is exactly what I got from the insurance company… but hhmm.. wait… unless you lied to me… the flooring that I decided on to be put down.. cost LESS than what the insurance company allotted to me… Yet YOU are charging me exactly what the insurance company paid out??!! Why doesn’t this add up to me?? And you don’t even send me a detailed bill.. hhmm.. seems like you are hiding something… I will be calling you this week… and I wll be asking for that detailed bill… and I will be expecting you to provide that to me… in a language that I can understand… period. Otherwise… we will have an issue on our hand for payment.
-Cws… its 50 degrees outside… we really don’t need the a/c on… really… esp. if I have my space heater on… I am starting to think you turn the a/c on JUST BECAUSE I have my heater on…  sorry… a/c is only gonna make me turn my little itty bitty heater up higher.
-And also while we are on that subject… you can answer the phone too.. its not ONLY my job. Yea, it used to be… but not anymore.. yet, I am the only one to do it.
- People that say they are my friends… hhmm.. really?? You know I am going thru all kinds of stress right now.. and yet, I can’t even get a text or email or nothing saying “how are you” , “how are things” , “how’s life” , “hows your stepmom” NOTHING!! Yet, you say you my best friends… you say you care about me.. you say you are not upset or mad at me.. you say you say you say.. but words are meaningless unless you can show that they are true. Yet, when you need me there for you because your g/f or b/f left your behind… who did you come to?? Who did you ask for help?? Who was there to comfort you??  Yea. ME. yet. When I am in need… I guess that don’t mean too much. But its fine. Ive learned.. and ya know what. Even tho it bothers me and it hurts me… Ill be fine… I am working on forgiving you.. and I will still be there for you when you need me.
- Life… I need a pause button please. Or maybe at least a slow.
-People- if you call me… and I don’t answer- leave a message. Or send a text.. or you can do both.. but don’t.. please don’t.. call again 5 sec later and think that I will be able to answer then… and then 5 sec later and 5 sec later… ok.. call maybe 2x at most!! If I don’t answer.. obviouisly I am busy or can’t answer… don’t keep calling!!
- Sitters!! Really?? Theres none where I live!! Wth!?  If I place an ad on craigslist.. and I list MY city… normally that would be that’s where I need a sitter!! Oh and if your name is bad chic or crazy girl or imabitch on your email… don’t expect a reply back from me to watch my kids… be professional!! Please.

I guess that’s all for now… maybe ill vent more later!! Ugh. 

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