Thursday, October 21, 2010

its been crazy

It’s just been, well, crazy.
Crazy at work. Crazy at home. Just crazy everywhere!! Ugh.
It’s been over a week since I’ve posted anything because it’s just been that crazy!!
My step-mom is still in the hospital. She is doing better. Doing good with the chemo. They took her off the ventilator for a few moments the other day and she did ok, but not as good as we would have liked. But she is a fighter and will get better.
Last weekend, I was at the boyfriend’s house and helped him and his dad paint a few rooms. We were up till 3am on Saturday trying to do everything and still didn’t get it all done. Sunday I had homework and he really didn’t want to work on painting all weekend so it was the day off... lol. But I didn’t get much homework done because I ended up with a migraine and was sick feeling most of the day. So that meant Monday on my lunch I had to write a 2-3 page paper that was due that evening in class. I got it done. Not good. But done. Lol.  I had to revise it then and turn it in yesterday. 
My sis and I (well mainly my sis) is having issues with our parents’ finances... mainly because we can’t access any of their accounts to pay bills because we don’t have a power of attorney. So she’s stressing about that… and I am too.
My house is a mess. I just haven’t had the energy nor time really to get anything done.  It’s not as bad as it could be… but I hate the way it is right now. I like my house to be nice and neat and its not. 
I have algebra homework to do on my lunch today.  L
I have all kinds of things to do for work today.
And I am still trying to find a sitter!! Who knew it would be so difficult!! I guess mainly its cuz it’s a part-time as needed job… but still, you would think someone would be in need of $$ or something. I don’t know. I am just really getting frustrated! I have been lucky with my mom having Tuesdays and Thursdays off and my sister being up here and being able to watch my daughter too… but starting next week, that luck ran out and I don’t have anyone to watch her and I don’t know what to do. Ugh.  Hopefully something comes up.
I have bible study tomorrow night, which I am looking forward to. And I feel like I have a ton of things that I want/need to get done this weekend… but then part of me just thinks screw it… and rest. So we will see… 
I need a vacation. 
This was my view on my way to work this morning... God is so amazing! 

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