Monday, October 4, 2010

A sitter.

I am in the process of trying to find a sitter for Baby Girl.  Normally my mom and my step-mom watch her for me on Tuesdays and Thursdays. My step-mom being the one to watch her most and my mom to watch her part of one day. My mom has a varied schedule from week to week. So I can’t rely on her to be off on a Tuesday and Thursday always.  
A few weeks ago, my step-mom was diagnosed with lung cancer. L And as much as she wants to continue to watch baby girl, sometimes it just may not be possible. So I need to find a sitter as a back up in case my step-mom can’t watch her and if my mom is working that day. Plus it will be nice to not have to worry about when Baby girl and Lil Man have days of school or whatnot- who’s gonna watch them??!!  

I have been looking in our local paper- and nothing. There were no sitters in there!! WTH! So I went on Craig’s list. I replied to two ads on there but I didn’t get any reply – why post if you are not going to reply?? Really?? Ggrr..  Down at our local convenient store, I saw a flyer for a sitter so I took the number and gave her a call last Thursday. Me and the kids went over and met her, her husband and their two kids. She seems really nice, the house was neat and clean, neighborhood was decent… but there was something.. I couldn’t put my finger on it.. But there was something about her and her husband.    
I guess a few things that bothered me about her…
~ She couldn’t remember my kid’s names.
~ She didn’t take any of my information- phone numbers nothing.
~ I asked her what her rates were, she said she would have to get back with me on that (I haven’t heard from her since- prob. Cuz she didn’t take down my number)
~ she left her 18mo old baby in the house while the rest of us were outside talking… now granted the child was in a high chair eating and I probably would have done the same thing for a couple minutes if I thought the child was able to be left alone- but if I am trying to “look good” for a family to let me watch their child.. I probably wouldn’t have done that…

Now.. even with those things above.. I could have seen myself being like ok.. she’s new at this… she was having an off day… but I dunno, there was still something…   So more than likely… my kids won’t be going there… plus I am not quite sure where I put her number either L

Why is it so hard to find a good sitter?

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