Thursday, March 25, 2010

rambling on Thursday.

I have a Tastefully Simple Party tontie! I hope it turns out good... I am nervous... I hate being in front of people.. even if they are my friends... lol. and I know I will be laughed at too.. but I dont really care too much about that... I can laugh at myself.. no problem.
The weather is nasty out tho.. so that might stop some people from coming.. but I hope now... I know my bff and her cuz are coming.. so I know at least with them there it will be a good time... and all in all.. my house is clean! :-)

I just looked up online to find out how much plates are going to cost for my car... $80!! I cant believe that!! OH well.. gotta do it! I just need to find all the paper work I need to take up to the BMV.. thats one thing I will be doing on my lunch tomorrow. I am hoping to maybe also be able to to go and get my hair trimmed... but we shall see.

I am planning on going to visit the BF tomorrow after dinner with the fam. I am really looking forward to seeing him... I just hope the kids are good for me... esp sissy... and that I can get a decent nights sleep. The last time I took her.. I barely slept at all cuz she wasnt used to the new place and the new bed and all... hopefully this time will be better.

I need to get a set way to post on here... like have a certain type of post that I do on a certain day of the week... Like the Post-it Note Tuesdays... I know I am going to do Ive come to realize... Fridays.... Maybe Ill do a Overthinking Mama Monday... where I vent about something I really over thought! lol. and a rambling on Thursday where I jsut talk about anything and everything... lol. wait i do that normally. hhmm... any suggestions??