Thursday, March 18, 2010

So Whats New??

The typical question between my bff Leisa and I ... We talk everyday almost via email or texting but there are some times it just feels like we dont talk or see each other.. other than the "hi, how are you" type of stuff... so this blog post is for her. :-)

Well lets see where to start..

I am in a really great mood... The week I started out in a very depressed mood.. a lot of things going thru my head and things that I know will happen in the future.. possibly the near future.. kinda have me down. But I am doing much better now.. it was weird.. Monday or Tuesday.. just driving back to work from my lunch.. I had an overwhelming feeling that God is going to take care of eveything and that it will all be alright.. I dont need to worry about anything.

I am reading Breaking Dawn- the 4th book in the Twilight Saga... I am addicted.. it is really good.. I will be sad tho too when the book is over :-( but I cant wait for it to come out on video!! There is definetely some unexpected twists!!

I am excited for my Tastefully Simple party next week.. tho I am nervous too.. I am half tempted to have a beer before hand just to loosen up a lil bit! lol. but I know I can't do that! lol. Tho I am serving one of the bucket drinks... Watermelon flavored... just add water, vodka, and freeze!! I am excited to taste that!!

I still hate First Merit.. I swear the more and more I have to deal with them.. the more I dislike them... I am so glad that I moved my main accounts!

OH!!! and Montrose Kia isnt exactly on my fav list right now either... I am still having issues with them needing my W2! I sent it over to the credit company, but once again... the dealer called me Monday looking for it... I told him I already sent it to the credit company... and he was just 'oh.. oh ... ok.. thanks" ! WTH!

I ordered stuff from Scentsy. I seen someone on Facebook selling it and their profits are going to help Office Kerstetters' family... so I ordered a plug in warmer and a scented block to melt in it! It was only like $17.... I am excited to get it... I was thinking about selling Scentsy... I have heard a lot of great things about it!

I should also be getting that outfit I ordered from Costume Craze tomorrow.. I cant wait to try it on.. Ill send ya a pic :-)

And I should also be getting my Tastefully Simple stuff for the party this weekend too!! Its gonna feel like Christmas at my house!! :-)

The kids are doing good... I feel like I am more in control of them lately.. its weird.. I am sticking to what I say.. and I think it is starting to pay off more ... maybe Brian is a good influence on me in some ways!

I am going up to see him Sat. We are going to the casino in I think WV. I hope its good.. I am not big into gambling or anything like that... and really get bored easily there.. well at least the last time I went to a casino I did... but who knows... we shall see...

I am thinking about maybe going for a walk tonite... If we decide to.. you Bella and Brutus should come along! lol. That should be fun to watch!!

Oh I am off tomorrow.. My friend Matt from Seattle, WA is coming into town and we are gonna hang out some... Not sure exactly what we are doing..but you can still text me... and I am sure I will still be tweeting! lol.

I so want a cup of coffee... I feel like I have been walking around in a fog for the last few weeks till at least noon because I havent gotten my coffee fix in the morning!! Oh and some chocolate chip cookies sound so good right now too!! mmmmm....

My stepdad lost his job Tuesday... so things over there havent been the greatest... Its a long story there... more than I can post about. But I just keep praying for him.

I talked to Pam yesterday.. Ya know... we havent had a girls night in a while... we need to do that...

Ok.. I think that is about it for now... :-)