Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Hump Day... celebrate it responsibly.

Ive been wanting to write/post something for the last couple days.. but either I wasn't in a good mood... or I was tired... or I just couldnt think of anything to write... period.. mind was blank...   

So its Wednesday... Hump day!!! The week is almost over!! yay!!  My bf is planning on coming up tomorrow night after work.. which will be nice... I will get an extra day with him! :-) 

I finally got my plates yesterday for my car!  This whole thing with my car has been a horrific experiance!! If you have a choice as to where to buy a vehicle from...  DO NOT BUY FROM MONTROSE AUTOGROUP!!  I have never had so many issues with buying a vehicle in my lifetime!!! and this is the 4th car I have bought from a dealer. 
I went the end of Feb to go look at a Kia Rio. My 01 Honda Accord had some issues... and overall it would be cheaper to buy a new vehicle.  But I had a lot of negative equity... so I went as inexpensive as possible with a car... so I found a 09 brand new Kia Rio.  Nice little car... Cute, inexpensive, a lot of nice perks, perfect for what I need!  So I did my homework first... and on a Saturday me and my bff Leisa went in there to look... Now I should have known at that point... this was just going to be an odd experiance...  I had to ask to see the car... the salesman didn't even offer... I had to ask to take it for a test drive... and he didnt ask for a DL or proof of insurance... he just handed me the keys... and away we went... hhmm... he didnt know anything about me at all.. but trusted me with a new car... smart!!  So we came back and I said I wanted it... So we started paperwork... He said he would let me know on Monday about everything since the banks were closed and what not...  He called me on Sunday, just to tell me the same exact thing. Monday morning I got a call from him saying that he hit a snag and I needed to come up with $500 down payment... I told him I didnt think that would be possible...  and why wasn't I told this on Saturday when I was there...  he said he would call me back... about 20 minutes later another gentleman fromt he dealership called and said he was the one I was supposed to talk to and that the original sales guy was new and didnt really know what to do...  and then went on to tell me that eveyrthing the original sales guy told me was wrong...  so... after about 10 hrs of calls back and forth or arguing... I got back to the original aggreement... finally went to go sign the papers and pick up the car...  3 days later, I got another call from the sales guy that I needed to bring in 2 current check stubs. So I got those together and sent them up there...  Then about a week later I get a call that I need to submitt my W2... So I fax that to the credit company... Then a week later I get a call again saying that I still need to do that... I informed them that I already did and that I have proof that It was faxed... They said ok... A week later I got another call saying I needed another current pay stub... I never submitted another one... I was tired of the BS. So 30days later and my tags are about to expire... I go up to the DMV to get my plates... and yea.. I needed the memorandum title.. which I still didnt receive... So I called the dealership and asked if it had been sent out yet... they said not because the loan just went thru... 27days after I took the car home!!! WTH!!  I told them that my 30day tags were about to expire and that I needed that. She promised me she would send it out to me UPS overnight and I would get it next day... The next day, I called and left messages to make sure it shipped... finally after calling another dealership to complain... i got a call back and said it was sent out... ugh... So I finally got my plates... and everything is cool... but  I did take the plate protectors things that said MONTROSE on it... yea... i took them off... im done!