Friday, March 12, 2010


I love twitter. My friends think i am crazy... but i do. Its my sanity.. its my release.. and I have met some really great people on Twitter!! Some of them I will never forget and some I think we will have a great friendship.. even if its only via emails and tweets...

One of my first friends was MattAiello
His mom and I had talked off and on and she suggested I start following him... We have had a few hiccups thru the past year... but we have remained friends and I am actually hoping to meet him come next week! :-)

Then theres LatteLoveMommy I dont remember if I followed her first or she followed me.. or how exactly our friendship started... but it did :-) and I am so glad for it.. She been there for me when Ive needed to vent.. I think i have been there for her when she's needed to vent... oh and did i mention.. Shes got a blog too : LatteLoveMommy She's a great mom and wife.. and now a great friend!!

I met Atlmomguide thru LatteLoveMommy and am so glad that I did. She is an inspiration to me... I dont know her other than from her tweets and her blog.. But I can tell she is an amazing woman! Check out her blog:

Another wonderful Chic is Trinalina. She is an amazing woman of God and has been a great friend so far.. She is a wonderful dog mommy too!! :-) She is always there to tweet me encouraging things or to help calm me down!!

Theres Percherondance... we dont tweet back and forth as much as we used to... but she is a wonderful woman of God and I feel blessed knowing her. OH.. and imagine that... she has a blog too!!

I met Notmommojo from Atlmomguide... She reminds me a lot me when I was younger (wow i sound old dont I?) but she's a great girl with a great man, great kids, and she's prego!! Congrats!!

And a wonderful woman of God.. Who is deeply an inspiration to me : SongintheNight. Her and her family have been thru some amazing stuggles in this life already.. and they have stood strong and kept their faith in the Lord. Definetely check out their story : and because I follow her on twitter... I was able to win her book!!! And now I am able to share her story with my family and friends :-)

These are just a few of the great people I have met on twitter!!!

God has brought these wonderful people into my life and I am so thankful for that...

and the next time you go to make fun of someone (ME) for being on twitter as much as I am... just remember I have these great people to talk to !! :-)