Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Baby M's Birth Story

Last day being prego

The day baby M was born started out just as any other day normally would.  I had an early morning appointment with job and family services. I felt over dressed but actually felt good that day, so I wanted to look cute. After the appointment, I called my dad up and said that since it was the last day that I was going to be with out a baby and a carrier and all that, that we should go to lunch. I was sceduled to be induced the next day).  
So I go and pick up my dad andw we (my girls included) go up to have lunch a little diner up the road from us.  We ordered our food and then it happened... I felt wetness in my seat. I thought that I must have just accidentally peed myself since I was so prego! lol. So I excuse myself and go to the bathroom.  I go to the bathroom and it just gushed out water. My pants were completely soaked.  So I grabbed a bunch of paper towels and toilet paper and stuff my pants and walk out to tell my dad that we needed to leave... my water just broke!!  
I called Big B at work and let him know. My dad was freaking out as I drove him back to his house... worrying that Big B wasnt going to make it home in time. I assured him that he would probably be home before me... and don't ya know... he was!!!  
Big B was freaking out. I walked in the house and packed a bag for the girls since they were going to go and stay a few days with my mom, I got my bag and pillow all together, and I got a snack bag together for Brett because I knew he would probably get hungry. I called my mom, the doc, and Big B's family and then we all headed up to the hospital.  

waiting to deliver

Big B and his bff

My water broke around 1230 and we made it to the hospital probably around 130ish.  They started me on pitocin around 430 to help speed me along. Abount 545 I asked for some nubane for the pain because I didn't want to have an epidural... but by the time the nurse came in with it, I was already pushing and baby M was born at 6:01pm 
It was absolutely amazing!!!!  And Big B did so great. Better than I thought he was going to. :-) 
Baby M was 7lbs 7oz  and 18.5 inches long. 

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama

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