Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I had a date Saturday. It was amazing. We met halfway between us at Columbus zoo.  Had a great time. It was very comfortable. Like we had known each other forever even tho this was our first date.
But then... after it was over and on my way home.. and Sunday... I just kept thinking of anything negative What if he really doesn't like me?  What if it was all just a show? Why am I not good enough? Whats wrong with me? No decent guy would want me with all my issues so he will end up ending anything soon enough.   He didnt absolutely nothing the entire time we were together or even afterwards to make me think like this... but the devil was persistant. Kept whispering in my ear and making my heart heavy.  Till Sunday, I was just sitting here crying.  The other issues happened with family and a friend... and it just made my heart that much more heavy.  I couldn't shake it. Again I kept thinking what is wrong with me??  I am worthless. That kept repeating in my ears. I am worthless. I am worthless. I am worthless.  Deep down I know I AM NOT WORTHLESS!!! I am a Child of God!!!!  To HIM the one and only one that matters... I am worth everything. I am worth Jesus dying on the cross for MY sins!!!!  I am worthy!!! I am worthy!!!

I want to say that I feel all better and am not having any negative thoughts... but sadly I am still feeling a little heavy hearted.  but I am determined to NOT let the devil have the upper hand.  I trust in my Lord. I know he will carry me thru these feelings because He loves me. He knows I am worthy!!!

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama

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