Wednesday, September 26, 2012

asking too much

My friend and I were having a conversation today about dating, and it made me start to think about things... 
Like when my mom and dad started dating. She was 15 he was 19. They lived an hour apart from each other.  Back then there was no cell phones, no texting, no facebook, email, etc. The only way to communicate was via the telephone or snail mail or actually see each other in person.  But they found a way... and made it work and eventually got married. 

That makes me wonder about today. 
She asked me if I thought we were asking too much from a guy.   Wanting him to text good morning, good night, through out the day to say they are thinking of us etc.  

I told her no.  I don't think that is asking too much.  We have the technology now adays to do that!!!   Why can't we expect a man that we like to show us that he likes us?   Especially if this man did it early on in the relationship.  
Now, I am not saying that the guy always has to text first, or always has to say good morning or good night... but when it happens repeatedly that he "forgets" or is "busy" that makes me wonder if I am really on his mind as much as he says I am.  

I told my friends this: 
That I am not lowering my standards. 
I am tired of making excuses for guys and why they do what they do. 
Tired of finding reasons for them. 
That if a guy isn't who I need him to be... then we obviously are not meant to be. 

and honestly I would hope the same in return. If I don't fulfill his needs and desires than he shouldn't be with me either.  Period. 

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama 

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  1. I don't have much experience in the dating world... Matt pretty much fell into my lap! ;) But I do know that there are some things that he does that would have made my "no no" list if I'd had one while dating. I definitely think you should have standards, especially when it comes to really important things. But don't be afraid to relax a little on the less important stuff... God may be working on him in those areas. Or working on you. ;) Nobody is perfect, except for God. So if you focus on Him, it may be easier to see which guy He's shining His light on.


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