Friday, June 22, 2012


Ive been chatting with a friend today about my big baby Edward.. Talking about all the funny things that Edward does and I thought what would be better than to share all of this with you!

baby Edward
I have Edward for 2yrs now... His bday is 4/15/10. I got him as a puppy.  He was the cutest puppy ever and super loving!!!  From day one, I knew he was different.  And I have to say, he is probably one of the best dogs I have ever owned!!!

When he was a puppy.. he was so chubby that he couldn't even climb up on the couch!  I thought it was a shame... now I wish he was still like that.. because that dog. that dog can jump up on just about anything!!!  I swear he thinks he's a mountain goat!!  He jumps on the trampoline, the dog house, the kitchen table (lovely huh?!) and sometimes over the fence.

He also thinks he's a lap dog and should be on your lap at all times!!
my lap dog

This dog loves me so much. I don't think i have ever had a dog love me as much as this dog does.  He wants to be with me, always.  He once jumped thru my bedroom window, threw the screen just so he could be with me. He will come into the shower with me and wants to sit on my lap while I go potty.

I think he thinks he's one of my kids at times too!!  He will jump on the trampoline with the kids and sometimes with out.  In the summer time when I bring out the big blow up water slide he will try and climb up it with the kids and as soon as they come down into the little pool at the bottom- he's right there ready to lick them!

play time. 
He has this tail on him that I swear could be used as a weapon. I really do think its longer than its supposed to be and he will be so happy and wag it so hard you will hear it go thud-thud-thud against each side of his rib cage.  It also hurts like heck when it hits you!!  OUCH!!!

Only thing I dislike about my big baby... He HATES other animals besides our chihuahua :-( I wish he would be able to play well with others so we could have puppy play dates. :-(
OH and that he likes to jump our fence when he sees a bird or a squirrll and go chasing after it.  This morning I had to litterally pick him up and carry him back into our house cuz he was so stubborn that he wouldnt come!!  
OH. and how messy he is... always always always messing in something.  There have been times that I'll leave a box with pizza in it on the counter.. go to the bathroom.. come back out - box is still on the counter... but the pizza is gone!!!  or donuts. or cookies.. lol.

Something cute that he does.. that I just find hilarious... when he wants to play, he will run into one of the kids bedrooms- grab one of their stuffed animals... and run!!! Anything to get the kids to chase him!!

I could go on and on about all the little quirks that Edward has or how loving he is... but Im sure by now you are ready to move on to the next blog! lol.
he loves me

Edward on the trampoline 

Edward- right before jumping in that window.. ps. hes sitting in a chair!

on the trampoline... alone. lol.

Edward and Bella (go ahead with the twilight jokes) 

love this pic of him. :-) and yes. i dress my dogs

how he sleeps!!!  

Have a great weekend ya'll!!

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama 

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  1. Great post! Made me smile and giggle. He is bigger than you! He would knock me down just by wagging his tail LOL!


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