Tuesday, June 5, 2012

They can't be a Christian

" I Judged people by my measuring stick, but my measuring stick was way off. I made faulty judgements based on a wrong perception of the truth. All the while I was the one with the problem"

God is so good!!!  I woke up late and felt more rushed during my God time this morning... but He is still so good.  He gave me an "AHA" moment. I love when He does that!!!  As I got ready for work I kept thinking about the above phrase.  I had an awesome blog post thought up.. but of course life happens and I forgot all that I was going to write. ugh.

This phrase this morning made me seriously stop and think.  Think about how we all (even Christians) and I am not excluded in this, JUDGE others.   We judge them based on how WE think they should be.  But really who are WE to say who someone else should be.

God made us all unique. Not one like another.  So who are we to say that someone else should be something we think is right?

I am the same way tho... I see other people, other Christians and think...  they do what?? they can't be a Christian.
They are drinking vodka? They can't be a Christian.
They are are divorced?? They can't be a Christian.
They have kids and ain't married? They can't be a Christian.
They are bisexual or gay? They can't be a Christian.
They are living with their gf/bf? They can't be a Christian.
They smoke cigarettes? They can't be a Christian.
They hand hang out with non-Christians? Shame on them. They can't be a Christian.
They curse. They watch porn. They this, they that. They can't be a Christian.

Those are just some of the first things that popped into my head... why? because I have thought them first hand... yet... the funny thing.... I could be put into more of those categories at one time or another, than not...  But I am a Christian.

And sometimes by today's standards, some things are ok but not others. Now adays its ok to be divorced, have kids out of wedlock but to be gay??  watch porn?? NO!!!!!   I am not saying I condone any of this... but who am I to judge someone based on a choice they make.  Hell, I've made my own choice and I am the only one who will have to answer to God for them. (uh oh, I said hell!!)

It is my choice on how I represent myself to them... Its my choice how I represent Christ to them.  And it is my choice how I think about a person and how I react to those thoughts that I do have.  I am no saint, very very very far from perfect.. yet at times, I sit here, like everyone else, and judge someone. Sadly its part of human nature... part of society.   And I know I am judged.. by many.   But I don't hide anything.  I am open. and I am learning.  I know I will never be perfect.  Only ONE MAN IS PERFECT.

Its sad. I see a lot of people in my life judging someone else. Willing to just write them off based on what they see.  What makes me even more sad, is that I see a lot of Christians doing that... and then I judge them lol.  I am no better.

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama 


  1. We are all sinners, Christian or not!

    I understand what you are saying! Great post!

  2. I agree. It's tough sometimes because there is a thin line between judging and accountability. If we know someone we love, and are close to, is going down the wrong path, we want to help them. But sometimes we do it to make ourselves feel better about our sin, and that is the wrong motive to help someone. Judging is often what happens when we want to justify our own sins.


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