Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday venting

Deep breaths… Deep breaths.

I seem to have no patience this week… what so ever.

First week back from vacation.. and well. Its been a week.

Vacation was awesome. I had a good time.. I think the kids had a great time! We got to relax some.  I completed my goal of reading 3 books… J Yea. I am that dork.

My Love and I broke up while I was gone.. luckily it was on my way home so It didn’t damper the vacation all that much. It is what it is. I hope that maybe we will be able to go back to being friends…. But I guess only time will be able to tell with that.  

Because of that break up and also seeing how some other men act that are in “happy relationships” just make me done. Im not looking. I am not trying. Unless a man can prove himself to me over and above the average man…  I am done.  

My neighbor came over the other day to tell me that I am partying way too much… Apparently having more than 2 people at my house is a party! Thanks for that info. He also let me know that the system that I have in my car is too loud and it rattles his windows… um hate to break it to you… I have a little kia… factory radio. Its not that loud. And doesn’t have that much bass… so its not me. sorry.  I am starting to think that I get blamed for a lot of the other neighborhood drama that occurs just because I am young and don’t have a husband.

I have been trying to keep myself distracted about being single again. I am tired of the games.. the drama. The stress… I just want to be loved.  And part of me fears that I will never find that person.

My Loves ex-wife found out about me and him. And of course text me and called me.  Honestly… I have nothing to say to her. I am not hiding from her.. I am not scared of her. I just don’t want to deal with her crazy drama.  She left him for messed up reasons… She divorced him… She ended mine and her friendship months ago. Me and him didn’t date till months after our friendship ended. AND ME and HIM aint together not more… so sorry… NOTHING to say.

My daughter has a staph infection in her leg.  We were at the ER Tuesday night till after 330am… ugh. She seems to be doing better.. but I am still worried for her. But I know God will get us thru this.

I have no motivation. I hate it. I don’t feel like doing any yard work. The outside of my house looks horrible. Weeds everywhere… grass needs mowed.  I don’t feel like working. I have no motivation there.  I don’t even feel like putting that extra effort in and getting things taken care of with school so I can register for classes. I feel like I am just going thru all of the motions of my life.. but not really living it.  ugh.

Sorry that this post is kinda a downer… Im just venting the things on my mind today. I am sure it will get better… I am just in a mood. I feel out of it lately and I don’t like feeling that way.  L

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama 


  1. Sarah,
    Everyone goes through downs in their life. I have my share of them...Trust me! Go take a walk or soak in the tub for an hour or go to the show alone. Sometimes, just doing something all by yourself helps. Afterwards, prove that noisy neighbor wrong. Mow the lawn. Pick a few weeds. The outdoor air will be good and the labor will take out the anger on the X and his X. Make them the weeds...pull them up and throw them out! When your all done, make a quite time with God and see what he has to say on the matter. Listen with both ears open because he speaks softly!

  2. Wow! What a icky week for you. Sounds like depression. When I returned home from vacation, I was depressed and I couldn't figure out why. Still don't know why. And even what went on this month, I am better.

    Sorry about your break-up. Hope you can become friends again. It just wasn't to be. But you are still young. That special someone will come.

    My ex got to me yesterday because once again, he is a butthole putting it mildly. I refused to put any more energy of writing about him. But sometimes it helps to just vent. I hope you feel a little better. You did right with your ex's ex.

    It must be one of those weeks Sarah because two other single people I know are having same feelings of loneliness.

    Staph infection is nothing to play with. I am sure your daughter is being taken care of, after all you are one of the best mommies in the world. Try to focus on your kids, the loneliness will go along its way. BIG HUGS!

  3. I'm sorry you're not having a very good week. :( And I hope Baby Girl feels better soon! I can't believe your neighbor was being so rude. Nosy people get on my nerves too... ;) I hope things start to look up for you soon!


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