Thursday, August 18, 2011

Guest Post: Bliss

Here's another wonderful guest post by the lovely Christina over at IamthatIam. Please make her feel welcome!

Now is the only time we feel - and the screwed up thing is, when we choose (yep, choose) to feel good, better, happy and pleased, around people who don't like our mood, something strange happens.


Has it happened to you?

Have you held back, just a little, on your Bliss, to accommodate the mood of those people who aren't feeling what you're feeling? Have you noticed them not enjoying your presence (that would be your "presents," too) because you are on a roll of Bliss?

We do it to children when we aren't feeling cheery. We want them to "calm down" and "be still" - and "deal" with our grim moods. I think that's where we learned it - as children - to feel guilty for being Blissful.

I have great news for your Bliss - You are officially off the hook for any guilt people try to throw on you for being YOU. Happy, peaceful, joyful and giddy are now forever allowed when gloom is in the room.

That's their decision. There is nothing you can do for them, except be you. They can choose to leave, right? Or they can choose to change and feel good.

Guilt is wasting the moment - and your friends, the people at work or anyone who wants you to feel bad because of them doesn't have a way to give you back your moments. They only try to steal them from you. Kind of insane, isn't it?

They can feel guilt free happiness anytime they choose to. You don't have to wait, or feel guilty for feeling it NOW.

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  1. I think it has happened to all of us. Great post!

  2. Christina's awesome. Anytime anyone is having a crappy, pity-party day, if they just pop on over to Christina's, they'll get back on track.

  3. Thanks, Karen! And if they need to vent: get on over to Ow, my Angst - by karensomethingorother!!!


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