Wednesday, November 25, 2009

stress and just letting go

I over think everything... sometimes I wish I could just turn my brain off. I wish I didnt have constant battle of back and forth and what if's going thru my brain non stop.
The men in my life, I know hate this because I am always over thinking every move they make, words they speak... I never used to be this bad.. or maybe I just didnt notice it as much...

One thing tho... I have learned that yes, I have faith... but that hasn't stopped the worrying.
I try and put all the problems I have and all the stress that I have at the foot of the cross and let go... but I have been having a lot of difficulty with that lately. Somethings are definetely easier to do that with.. but with the issue of my heart right now and the stress of my dad... i just couldnt stop worrying..
I am double checking things and doubt things instead of just letting it go... and leaving it up to God.
I will need to pray on this and make this something to work on...

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