Monday, November 16, 2009

redoing a few things

Things have been very caotic around my house... around my life really... especically when it comes to my kids... esp. my son. He has such a confusing schedule.. but being a single mom, and I am not really sure how else to handle things... He rides the bus to my dads 3x a week. 1x a week i pick him up and 1x a week my ex- mother in law picks him up.
Well I went online last week to check his grades... and I have found out that he hasnt been turning in homework, and isnt doing good in school... Normally my parents help him with his home work till i get off work and go and pick him up, but apparently either he isnt even bringing it home.. or he isnt even turning it in.
So ... I have made a few choices.
I sat down over the weekend made some standard rules that wll apply at my home, and everyone elses home where my son goes. These are them:
No hitting
No biting
Use indoor voice
no temper tantrums
put toys away before bed
put dirty clothes in hamper
no running in the house
clear plate from table
ask b/4 tv, games, computer
tell mom if someone is at the door - do not answer
clean up your mess
no whining
use nice words
wash hands
brush teeth
wipe yourself
flush toilette
say please and thank you
be respectful
what mom says goes
no slamming doors
no throwing things out of anger
use deoderant
put clean clothes away
clean room 1x a week/ make bed
talk nicely and sweetly- watch the tone of your voice
clean up any mess- even if its not yours
put things where they belong, even if you didnt take them out
no smiling or laughing when getting repremanded
do not talk back
do not argue
only 1 warning
time out/in room/remove from situation
write sentences/letter of apology
no game cube
no ds
in room for period of time/night w/ the door closed
:-) for a good day. not in trouble ats school or at home.
6 :-) in a row- Movie night- get to pick out the movie to watch, popcorn, ice cream, snacks of choice
12 :-) in a row- Chuck E Cheese
18 :-) $5 toy
24 :-) $10 toy
and we will go from there... and see how this all works out.
He seems excited so far!!

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