Wednesday, November 11, 2009

God has a plan

God has a plan... that has been a phase that has gotten me through so much. And it also seems to be my way of helping friends get through their own rough patches in life. God has a plan.

He has a plan, and even tho you may not be exactly where YOU want to be, He will place you exactly where HE WANTS you to be.

A good friend of mine was dating a lovely man for a few weeks. She is the type of person that falls hard and falls fast. She thought that he was the one. She thought that they were perfect for each other. And she thought that he felt the same. The this last Saturday he came over and said he wanted to talk. He told her that he did care about her, but he wasnt ready for dating. He just wanted to be friends. He had some issues from his past he wanted to work through and couldnt do that while dating her. She was heart broken. To make matters worse, she logged into facebook and see that he had changed his status to single... and here for dating. She just couldnt grasp this. He was perfect for her. He was the one she wanted to spend her life with... and he didnt feel the same... and now was on to find someone new. She came to me... I told her that he wasnt the one. That God brought that man into her life for a reason... she may not see it yet, and may never see the reason clearly, but there is a reason. She still didnt understand why she kept getting heartbroken. I told her maybe it was because the one person that God has already chosen for her has been so heartbroken too that you need to know what that is like to better be able to relate and understand and love this person just the way God intended. Also that maybe God is trying to get you to see HIM. When things go good in our life, we dont feel like we need anything, we can handle everything ourselfs... but when we are down, sad, depressed, hungry, tired, poor, weak whatever.. we realize that we can not do it alone... we need help. we need God.

No matter what is going on in my life, I turn to God. If its good- I praise and honestly even if its bad- I praise. I can see so many times in my life where if I hadn't gone thru the struggles, I wouldnt be where or who I am today.

5 years ago, I married my highschool sweetheart. 4months later we had seperated and a little over a year we were divorsed. Partying, drinking, and my friends were more important to me than my husband and at time my son. I was going out 3-4x a week partying, leaving my son at home with my parents... then one day a man came into my life- Travis. I kept on doing what I was doing. He told me he loved me and eventually I fell madly in love with him... and I changed. I stopped partying. I became a family person. I was there for him and I was there for my son again. Fast forward 2 years and we were seperated and I had a one year old by him... but I was still madly in love. He had my heart and he knew it and took advantage of it. I was always there for him but when I needed him... He was never there... He broke my heart beyond words could express... and because I was so down, I got down on my knees and gave my life over to Christ.
Now I havent been perfect since that point... but my life did change... and if it werent for Travis, I wouldnt be saved.

For about 2 years I had been praying to find a church. One that I would love, that I wouldnt fall asleep in (lol)and one that was a good Christian chruch. Well the thing with this was, I really didnt go out searching for a church. With 2 kids that are very clingy on to me, getting up and going to chruch with them just seemed very overwhelming. So needless to say, I didnt go very often. Then last summer I met a guy- Pete. We started dating and things were ok... but there were a lot of issues and a lot of warning signs that he wasnt someone I should spend my life with... so I eventually broke up with him. But before I did, one Sunday, I convinced him that I wanted to go to church so he took me to one that he had gone to bible study at years past. The chuch left a memerable mark in my head. The following Christmas I went there for their Christmas eve service and in January I started going there every Sunday and in Feb got baptised. God answered my prayer in a way that I didnt expect him to. And even though I hurt from this relationship with Pete, it was for good... I found a church. He was brought into my life for a reason.

I can see so many different ways that God has made things happen in my life for a purpose. He has a plan set out for me... a husband in mind... and even kids (if i am to have anymore) set aside for me... JUST ME. I may turn down a different path that He originally plowed for me, but he takes that new path that I am going on and plows it back back to the way he wants me to go.

He has a Plan.

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