Monday, August 31, 2009

Getting Stale

At what point in a relationship should the wooing, and lovey dovey, romantic stuff and the compliments not be needed anymore?!

Why do these stop at all?

I have been dating a great guy for about 2 months now... and already I feel things changing. Its like that "wooing" stage of our relationship is over... theres no more impromptu back rubs, there no more middle of the day "i really love you" "you are the best thing thats happened to me" messages, theres just more distance... His friends get chosen over spending time with me... Id rather have a good book then wonder whats wrong... We dont live together. We do see each other almost everyday.. but later and later in the evenings... Things are changing... we are more comfortable in the whole relationship... or are we?

When are things supposed to start to change? At what point in the relationship? A month? 2 months? a year? engagement? marriage?

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