Monday, August 24, 2009


I sit here and think about all of my friends... everyone in my life time that I have befriended... and its amazing how some of these people have managed to stay in my life and me in theirs... and others we have drifted apart and then have reconnected via facebook or myspace or where ever...
I have one friend... that I met when I was 15... We were boyfriend and girlfriend for exactly a month and in that time I think we maybe seen each other once?! twice?! The amazing thing is... even after 13 years... we have still managed to stay in contact and remain friends thru everything. Psycho girlfriends, over bearing boyfriends, protective parents, time and miles that grew more and more each days... We have always manage to find each other and stay connected.
Then I have one friend that I have know since I was 1 1/2 and she was born... We grew up across the street from each other and were the bestest of friends.. We did everything together... but over time we went our separate ways. Then because it is truly a small world.. we connected again thru another friend and we became friends again. But not like we were. We see each other once in a while, talk on the phone once in awhile... but we both have families now... we both have our own busy lives and its not always easy to stay as close as we once were...
Then their are of course the school friends... The people that you talked to in your classes at school, or at least you knew in school.. Not exactly people you want to be friends with or really hang out with.. but you know who they are... then all of a sudden one day you see them on facebook or myspace and they have sent you a friend request or you send them one... you never talk to the person.. but just want to know if your life is better than theirs... if they ended up staying the same or changing... you just are nosy... or you just want to look popular and have all these "friends" to make yourself better...

What constitutes a good friend... We were talking about this in Church/Bible Study yesterday...
Is it someone who always is there for you thru anything.. even if its wrong??
Is it someone who will tell you that what you are doing is wrong and cant be apart of it??
Is it someone who will get drunk with you and have those good times?? but when the times get tough.. they seem to disappear?
Is it someone who is willing to sacrifice time, energy, money to help you, be there for you???
Is it someone who is only there with THEY need something... when THEY have a problem and need YOUR help?
Is it someone one who when you try and talk to them about a problem in your life... it always gets turned around to whats wrong in theirs and how you can help them?
Is it someone who just loves you for you?
Is it someone who even after months or years of not talking/seeing/communicating you still consider them a good friend and would do anything to help them?
Is is someone that even after any amount of time will call you/email you out of the blue, just to see how you are doing?

What exactly is a good friend to you??

I have friends that meet all of these things... Some meet one or two.. Some meet most of these... Some are good friends that I know no matter what, no matter the situations.. they will be there.. they wont be too tired.. in a bad mood.. too busy to help me... they will be there.
Some are good friends, some are sometimes Friends and some are best friends... Some I know no matter what... we will never NOT be friends.

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