Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I have the constant internal battle inside of me.

Is what I am feeling a sign from God or the Devil pushing me in the wrong direction.

My ex- I still care about him... I feel like maybe God is wanting me to help releave Christ to him... but my ex is so not good for me... So then, I think... maybe its the devil trying to break me... make me miserable so I will fall back to his ways....

And there are many many other instances that I am constantly questioning... is the God or the devil that I am feeling?

I look back in my life... and I see all my mistakes... and how they have brought me closer to the Lord... I just dont want to move farther away by making wrong choices... so I am constantly second guessing eveyrthing I do, everything I feel, everything I think...

but hey... it makes for a good blog! lol.

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