Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A perfect couple.

Is there a such thing as a perfect couple?

I was discussing this with a friend a few weeks ago... is there a such thing as a perfect couple? We look at people, at couples and are they completely happy? Or are they feeling the same way that we do or have in a relationship?

What makes a perfect couple/relationship? Is it just being able to deal with all the annoyances that the other person does? Is it feeling loved all the time? Is it just having someone there so you are not alone? Some one to help with the bills, housework, have sex with?
What makes a relationship or a mate good? let alone perfect?

Everyone around us always seems happier than we are. Happier with life, their job, their family, and their mate... but are they that much happier than us? Or is it just that they dont complain as much as we do, so we really dont know what is bothering them?

Is the grass greener on their other side of the fence?

I doubt it... its just mowed differently than ours.

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