Friday, September 5, 2008

Paranoid searching...

I was listening to the radio on my way into work today and the subject of converstaion was: Is going thru someone's email or phone or anything personal wrong?... especially if you find something?

It is definetely a double edged sword no matter how you try and sugar coat it... going thru someones personal items it a break in trust.... they should be able to trust you not to go thru their thing with out asking permission first...

But then if you didnt have a reason to think something... why would you need to go thru their things in the first place?

So you look and find out something... then how to you go about explainin to the other person.. what you found... and how you found it? and do they have a legitimate right to get upset with you for going thru their personal things when they were doing wrong in the first place?
Do two wrongs make it right?
Is it better to not look... and not find out? What you dont know wont hurt you?

is it ok to go thru someones personal things... just because of a suspicion or your own lack of confidence?
and if someone does go thru your personal items and finds something... do you have a rght to get upset with them back becuase they went thru your things??

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