Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas thinkin...

I am been thinking about the whole Christmas story for the past week or so.   Thinking about Jesus being born... thinking of Mary.

Mary.  A young girl, maybe somewhere between 12-15 years old.  Not married.  But pregnant.

Can you imagine the looks she got?  The whispers behind her back?  People probably tried to avoid her on the streets. Left rooms when she came in.  Being an unwed mother back then... could you imagine??
And then Joseph.  Put yourself in his shoes. The woman he loved, the woman he was engaged to marry is pregnant. BUT Its NOT his baby.  Can you imagine the thoughts that went thru his head? The doubt? The betrayl that he could have felt?

But the FAITH.  The faith that these two had in the Lord was amazing.  They had the faith to continue on.  To do what the Lord requested of them.  Mary carried that baby and gave birth to a precious little boy... Joseph stayed by her side through out the whole thing.

I just keep thinking about that... what they went thru and the faith that they had.  Could I do it?  Is my faith that strong??

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama

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