Monday, November 12, 2012


It sit here this morning reading my devotional, listening to my music and I realize something about myself. That its easier to live in the pain for me than it is to fight against the pain and keep a positive outlook on life.

Yesterday at church our pastor talked about words... and the impact that what we speak can have on someone.. good and bad.
How easy it is to hear someone say you are ugly, you are doing a horrible job... you are a bad mom, and instantly we believe them. We doubt everything good we have done, all because one person spoke words that were not true or were spoken incorrectly.  (there is a right and a wrong way to tell someone that they are not doing something that you like, or that they are doing it wrong).
My devotional today was about even in the midst of negativity we should count our blessings. Even when we dont want to move because the sadness and the pain is so heavy, we should stop and really think about all the great things we have in our life.

One of my biggest challenges in life right now... is being single.  Day in a day out I struggle to believe that I will one day meet my husband. One the outside, I have a positive attitude. I tell people that I know God has a plan. That he has a husband planned out for me.. the timing just isnt right yet. Even tho i do believe it... in the quiet of my heart, I wonder. Wonder what is wrong with me?? I see so many other people happily married or at least dating.. and I am not.

Instead of looking at all the blessings that I have... I choose to focus on what I dont have... the negativity in life... I have two beautiful children. A amazing family. Great friends.  A good job, a house, a car.. I can pay my bills every month.  I am blessed a lot more than a lot of people out there.

I am pretty. I have a good personality. I am responsible. I take care a lot more than most girls my age. I am a good catch.  And a man would be lucky to have me.
I need to tell myself this every day. EVERYDAY. I need to choose the positive words that I say to myself.  I need to encourage myself every day.  I can wait to hear it from someone else.  I need to do that for me.

Lord, help me to focus on the good.. Help me to praise you even in the valleys of life... Help me to encourage myself as well as encourage others around me.  Still my heart from the unnecessary feelings of negativity and sadness.  Let me life up your name ALWAYS!!!  
In Jesus' name I pray. Amen

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama

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  1. You are so right about being negative. It seems it is so much easier to be negative. Hubby and I discuss the same very thing but we ask each other and ourselves, how can we be positive with all the negativity around us. You are right, we need to focus on the positives. You have a marvelous foundation Mama, you have God in your life and that is the so very important.

    Your pastor is so right about words impacting others. I've seen words scar others and it takes a long time for it to lessen the damage.

    I know I always tell you to be patient. I know how hard it is. Just continue to pray. He will answer in his own time. I will also pray that he puts a deserving good man in your life soon. HUGS.


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