Monday, January 11, 2010


So.. this last week was good... in a way! lol.

I got hit on by a guy as I was shopping at the Salvation Army! I don't think I have been approached by a man... in over a year... :-( So it was very flattering... We exchanged numbers and about 3hrs later... I kinda figured out what his agenda was... and it def. wasnt like mine... He wanted a booty call... Sorry boy.. Im not a botty call kinda girl. So a couple days later I text him pretty much so he couldnt come back and later on say- well you never text me. And I was just like - wanted to say hi. He wrote back: sorry been busy. dont think me and you have the same ideas of what we want. i dont want to waste your time. I wrote to him: no big deal. I want a friendship that will possible lead to a relationship. He replyed: i want a friendship that will lead to benefits. I said well if you want to be friends, cool. but thats all it will ever be. He wrote back. perhaps but I dont want to waste our time. I replyed. Ok cool! And that was that!
Ya know... At least he was honest.

Then my friends birthday was this weekend, so we went out to dinner. I joked with her if there were gonna be any cute guys (cuz i dated her boyfriends bestfriend awhile back and also went on a couple dates with another of his friends.. neither worked out.. moved on. no biggie.) He co-worker was there and took the phone from her and said he was going to be there... Next thing I knew I got a friend request on facebook... Ok.. cool. Checked him out. I had met him before and had thought he was attractive then... but after i seen his profile i realized he's 5 years younger than me... *flag* but... id give him a chance.. we can at least be friends... maybe... lol. anyways that night at dinner... he showed himself.. lol. he was obnoxious... him and another guy that was there (both whom were drinking) started bantering back and forth... talking bs back and forth to each other... the other guy stopped a couple times... this guy... just couldnt let it stop. Ok.. i get it.. he's young and gotta prove himself... but really? just shut up. sometimes... being quiet and letting things be.. is the best for everyone... it aint worth it! but he just proved his immaturity to me that night.
We texted back and forth and via text he seems like a cool dude... a cool friend... but im not looking for a playdate, to be mommy or even a babysitter... *sigh*
maybe i set my standards too high! lol.

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  1. Men! You have to kiss a lot of toads to find a prince...

    And my word verification is poophe...Poop He. LOL.


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