Thursday, September 10, 2009

Great Weekend!!

I had a great weekend with my boyfriend...
I don't want to brag.. but it was wonderful! He was super sweet to me Friday! He mowed my grass for me and then went and picked up the messes around my house... When I got home, I found a bouquet of roses waiting for me on my coffee table :-). He had called my mom already and asked if she would babysit for us for the evening, then he took me out to dinner at Brio :-) We had a wonderful time there. Great food. Great convorsations! Afterward, he asked me what I wanted to do... Go for a walk on the beach or go to the movies.. I automatically opted for the walk.. That is something we so rarely do... So that is what we did. And again great Convos! That is one thing I can say about my boyfriend, We have the best converstations. I mean yea there are times when we dont say much or I dont feel like what I am saying is being heard... but I do love talking to my boyfriend.
I feel like we did get closer to each other this weekend.. which somewhat scares me... I am scared to get close to someone, to open my heart to them.. for fear of getting hurt... but i guess that is what happens in a relationship... and you have to hope and pray for the best! :-)

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