Thursday, June 25, 2009

Not into You

I watched that movie: He's just not that into you.

it was ironic. I watched during the week that I had a date (first in about 3 months) and he cancelled on me. I was hurt, self esteem knocked down slightly... and I was reacting just like a typicall girl. lol. Before he actually cancelled on me. I text him in the morning, just to make sure we were still on for the night.... no reply... So being the girl that I am... I go to my friends:
What should I do?
Should I keep texting him?
Should I call him?
Should I?
Should I?
Should I?

Then when he finally did text back ( 7hrs later) he said: oh yea- i have to reschedule. that was it... and I havent heard from him since... my reply: oh. that sucks... dang and I got a sitter for nothing. oh well. hope everything is ok. I didnt take the advise of my friends on that... They said i should tell him to f* off, go to hell etc...
And then of course the support:
He's just an asshole.
You can do better than him.
He's probably married.
He probably has a girl friend.
He' proably gay.
He's not worth it.
You are too good of a person for him.

Why can't it be, that maybe he just doesn't like me the way I liked him?
Why does it have to be that there must be either something wrong with me or with the guy, if we just dont have a mutual feeling on each other.
Some people just dont click.
And some people feel a "spark" when the other doesn't.

It doesn't mean you are any less of a person, less beautiful, less smart, less attractive, less anything... It just means... you weren't the "one" he's looking for. (and there will come a time when roles are reversed and he wont be the "one" you are looking for.)

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