Friday, June 12, 2009

Realization Friday

I have come to realize:

~ when I am tired, I dont think straight or rationally
~ at the moment... my mind is blank
~ that I need to quit trying to control my life and let God do it.
~ I am not sure why Iave some of the feelings that I do.
~ that sometimes a uy just isnt into you... that it doesnt mean that there is something wrong with you... it just means you aint right for him...
~ that the above line is a har concept for a lot of people to understand all the time (me included)
~ that if everyguy was into everygirl- noone would be single men at all.
~ that it seems that friends you make in 7th & 8th grade last longer than from any other time period
~ that I have been pushing myself a lot this week

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