Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Running Amuck..

The other day I took my kids to an indoor play area at our local mall. My kids were more hyper than nomral... and they were just running all over the place... which i know is normal for a play area.. but there were other kids there and i didnt want someone to get hurt... So i would call to them.. have them come over ask them then demand of them to play nice... to settle down a little bit to quit running wild! But nothing worked.. Finally I just sat back and hoped for the best becuase no matter what I said or what I did or what I threatened... It didnt matter to my kids, they were going to do what they were going to do... So I sat down and watched... and as I sat there... a little light bulb went off in my head.... This must be how God feels towards us... His children... He tells us the rules, tells us how to live right... tells us the punishments... what could happen if we dont obey him... and yet we just keep running around with out a care... Not worrying about what will happen next, not thinking of the future. Just living in this moment. Living in sin. Not living for our Father, just for us... I wonder if that is how God sees us... as these disobedient, headstrong, stubborn lil kids... if He feels the frustration I was feeling when my kids would listen to me and I felt helpless to get their attention on what could happen... He has giving us so many chances... How many is it going to take before we learn and do right?

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