Friday, March 20, 2009


I have come to realize that in todays society, its very hard to have good morals...For lent I gave up sexual pleasure... including sex and masterbation.I will be the first one to admit... its hard... and my friends think I am crazy...I can only imagine what the reaction will be if and when I tell them that I am really thinking about giving up sex until marriage...the way I figure- A- thats the rigth thing to do... that the Christian thing to do... and B- ive been doing the whole relationship thing backwards for the last 14years... maybe i need to try a new approach to the whole thing...My good friend and I have been talking about a girl that he likes... he really wanted to do things different with her... and thought she was different. The chics he was used to hanging around with only really wanted one thing from him.. Sex. He shared the text with me.. I seen it first hand... and at one time he was all about that... didnt think anything about it... So this new girl he met.. they had spent time together.. he thought she was different... but anyway old habits die hard.. and one thing leads to another.. and they have sex... the next morning he tells her... we shouldnt have waited... her reply: why? his: he said sex complicates things- she said no it doesnt. Since when doesnt sex complicate things?? I know me personally... if its someone I like and want to love.. and we have sex... it brings up all kinds of additional feelings and thoughts...why is sex thought about so loosely now?Why shouldnt it be soemthing we wait till marriage or at least a strong committed relationship?Why is it that people that are saving themselves are looked down upon?

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