Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Long Distance Relationships...

Can they work?

How far is too far?

I have always been a believer that ldr's.. or long distance relationships can not work... at least not for me... I dont consider myself high maintenance or anything like that.. but if I am dating someone, in love with someone... I want to be able to see them, want to be able to hug them, kiss them, show them my love for them... and I will be honest... trust is an issue for me. I have had too many breaks in trust in my past and its very hard for me to trust someone.

But what is a long distance relationship? 30 miles, 60 miles, 100, 1000? Is it worth persueing a relationship with someone that you will only see maybe once or twice a year if you are lucky?!
It just doesnt seem fair to me... its not fair to either party.

There has to be a lot of trust. A lot of communication. A lot of honesty.
and in this day of age... is that even possible?

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