Thursday, February 26, 2009

post-valentines day.

Its been today... and its actually my Thursday... on a Thursday! lol. (see previous posts)

Pey is in Flordia with His dad and family this week.. I miss him so much... I was in tears last night thinking about him. But I guess he is having a really good time there... They went to Disney Monday and are going again today. I know sissy is missing him a lot too. She keeps putting in his favorite movie for us to watch!!

Sissy is doing good... ornery as ever!

Her new favorite things to say is- What u doing? ill answer.. then she will say ooohh. Its so cute!!

Things with me are good. Was in a down and out mood for awhile... but am better now.

I have started making card... I am so excited about it!! I went and bought a few things for it... so we'll see how it goes... this is one I made for Valentines day...

So as I make more... Ill be putting them up here...
Other than that... nothing really new going on!!!

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