Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I got baptized this past Sunday. It was a great experience. But truthfully my mood has been up and down ever since... I have been very happy at times and then just sad other times. I am not really sure the completely reasons why either. I think part of it may be that there was one specific person that I was hoping (even tho i really knew he wouldnt show up) would show up or at least talk to me at some point in the day and he did not... and I know I shouldnt base my happiness of this day on person unfortunately i couldnt help but be saddened by it. Also I think i am scared of failing. I am scared that I will end up the person I used to be. I have no intentions of being that girl i was... but I think that thought is in the back of my head also. Over all tho. I really am glad I went thru with it. I feel so blessed that Our God is so great to give me this "second" chance with my life... I know he has great plans for me and my future... I can't wait to see what they are... One thing that happened that night after my baptism... When i finally went to bed... I was tossing and turning, having too many thoughts running thru my mind. finally i feel asleep... and I had a bad dream. When I woke up from my dream I looked up towards my ceiling and my door and there was a lil devil looking spider looking creature there... it frightened me slightly. I started praying and praying... and if finally crawled up into my attic it looked like or just disappeared... This isnt the first time I have seen something like this... something similar actually happened right after I got saved... I know the devil has to work even harder to try and get me back now... and he will be in for the fight of his life!


  1. Hi Sarah,
    I was baptized with you that day. I pray our Lord gives you strength and courage on your journey. There is no doubt that our lives actually can become harder during our walk of Faith but the end result will far outshine and trials we go through. I wish you and your children all of God's Blessings

    Jim Swann

  2. Never under estimate the power of the devil. He will haunt you, he'll whisper in your ear, he'll tease you with memories from your sinful past, anything to get you back. He doesn't like to lose. He know we are all still sinners and he doesn't want you to walk with the Lord. Keep walking with Our Father, and slam the door in the devils face every time he tempts you. God loves you bunches The devil and his ways are just not worth the risk of losing our inheritance with the Lord.
    I love you


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