Wednesday, June 24, 2015

After the birth...

Well I had my baby girl on June 15!  I will be posting her birth story here in the next few days... I may also post my other babies birth stories also.... :-) 

Today I want to mention all the wonderful things not every one tells you about when/after you have a baby!!! 

First- right after you have your baby... you are not done. You still have to deliver the placenta. And if you have difficulty doing this- the doc shoves her hand up inside of you elbow deep and tried to help pull that lovely sucker out.  Nothing feels better than having an arm shoved up inside of you in a place that you never really thought an arm could go... and doing it with out anesthesia or pain meds... is oh so much better. 

Second- every time you stand up or go to the bathroom- you will pass clots... some small and barely noticeable, some huge like the size of your fist.  It was music to my ears every time I sat down on the toilet and hear plomp plomp plomp and looked in and saw this huge liver looking chunk floating or sinking in my pee.  Also greatness is when you go to stand up and you have gush of blood decide to come flowing out like a waterfall... soaking the whole pad and your gown and your leg and the floor.  And the pads??!!! Yea they are for a giant!!!  Between the "special" underwear they give you that looks more like a fishnet and the huge pads that are big enough i could have wrapped my baby like a burrito in and still had room left over- you feel like you are wearing a diaper... a not very secure diaper cuz obviously you leak right out of it. 

Third- when you are breast feeding or even just pumping... It feels like someone is ripping the nipple right off of your breast. They say you will get used to it and it won't hurt for that long... I didn't wait to find out. I switched to bottle feeding. 

Fourth- Your tummy will still look like you are pregnant at least a week or two after you have the baby... and best believe, it will be pointed out that you still look pregnant or questioned if you are pregnant. My husband and my 8year old daughter are great at that!  At least once a day I got the whole you still look pregnant mommy and then she would poke my tummy.  Thanks dear. I go from feeling like I have an overgrown watermelon in my stomach to a mushy cantaloupe and nothing is actually in there anymore. 

Fifth- A few days after you give birth- your milk will come in...  this means your boobs will grow about 2-3 cup sizes and be as hard as a rock.  It will hurt like you have never felt before. If you can actually sleep during this excruciating pain- when you wake up your boobs will be shaped in whatever position you slept in. You can take your bra off and your boobs will not move. at. all.  Other than the swollen nipples and the leaking nipples- you could actually go bra less... I mean if it didn't hurt to even put a shirt on.  Oh and best believe your husband or significant other will think its hilarious to poke, squeeze or try to jiggle them... even tho it feels like he is ripping them off. Its hilarious!!! Oh and this will last 24-48hours!!! So enjoyable. 

That is all I can think of right now... oh that's another thing... the mommy brain starts to set in... where it takes you 5 minutes to complete a sentence because you can't remember the words that you were just going to say.  Everything takes a few extra minutes to think of... you call your kids all by the wrong names... and trust me a 13year old boy doesn't like to be called by his baby sisters name... or the dogs. lol.  Neither does your husband! 

Showering, doing your hair or make up, or even just eating a whole meal is a luxury... so is sleeping. 

But when its all said and done... I wouldn't trade any of it...  Nothing is greater than holding my baby and looking into her eyes and feeling that intense love that only a mother can feel. 

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama

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